Body Gospel Fans Can Lose 10-15lbs. In 21 Days!

donna-soloHey friends,

We had a good run, but could not generate enough sales to keep producing the Body Gospel workout. We’ll keep the faith, regardless.
Now, don’t let the lack of a gospel workout stop you from getting healthy. Nothing is more important than your health in the physical world. America is facing a obesity epidemic and we need to rally together to end this trend.
All of the cheap “convenience” foods available to us for the past 50 years has taken a terrible toll on our health. Processed foods, and especially hidden sugar everywhere has caused a health crisis. We need to get back to natural foods that do not come from a box or “Super-sized” meals. It’s time to change all that!
Beachbody has a all new program to help people learn how to eat proper portions of real food. Along with a moderate exercise program you can lose 10-15 pounds in only 21 days! It’s called the 21 Day Fix with Autumn Calabrese.
Please don’t put off taking care of your health. The better your health, the better you can serve your faith, your family and yourself. Start today! Watch the video with my friend, Autumn Calabrese and see for yourself.